This page is to help the creator know what to add. Pleas efeel free to edit you opinions in.

Upcoming Feature-

Strike Center-

Mortar Return?- the creator said he may add these back but with nerfed damage and health.

Railway-Alkan said on the forum whether he should add trains for the Conquerors 3. The answers where mixed.

Upcoming Feature Ideas-

Submarine- a unit which can launch a weak missile when surfaced. It also can dive to be hidden, but is slow when underwater, and is weak.

patrol boat- a weak unit, but can place mines whcih are semi transparent. When hit they act like an explosive tank.

Sounds- gun shooting sounds.

Kamikaze plane-like an explosive tank, faster but very weak.

Exo Squad- could fit in the space tier like the mothership and the fighters.

Armed Transport- Armed with 2 turrets and transporting 10 men, can deploy units into battle easily

NPC Forces- Random NPC Troops around the map in cool spots.