Starting Out Edit

This is my strategy for Conquerors Mark II. First off, let me say that spawning barracks, airports, or anything that eats your money is a bad idea. When you start with that 300 dollars, it for any kind of PP or NP. Your scout is your best friend in the beginning. He will get your plants fast. Find the nearest crystal, and immediately place a nuclear plant down. Next up, return your scout back to main base. Place a barracks with your remaining money or a tank factory if you want. Since the match just started you don't have to worry about that if you don't want to. Remember everything in this section should be done by the 110 minute mark. If not you are a little behind and problems can come up ahead real quick.

Alliances Edit

Alliances are a big role in your game also. You may not think so, but if you don't ally if more than one person, you may have trouble up ahead. Try as hard as you can NOT to destroy any of their PPs, as in this can anger them, and cause them to be your main target. Try to be as friendly as possible as you set up your base for the perfect assault later on. When I mean ally people I mean ally with people who aren't your ACTUAL assigned ally. Tell them, "I wont attack if you dont", 90% of the time they will agree to this.

Dos and Donts Edit

When building, don't build too many turrets. this can cause you to rapidly start selling building when you need the space. Dont build Fusion Plants. They are a waste, 1 Fusion plants give you 20 points. 2 Power plants produce more points than ONE Fusion Plant, but costs less. That's a good deal. Make sure you do make as many plants and rigs as possible though to maximize your PPM.

Main Strategy Edit

I play with almost NO units. I play using the "turtle" tactic, where you are focused on defense almost the whole time. The only weapon I use, is an ICBM. Once you have build your Nuclear Silo, you are set. You are ready to wreck the opponents. Once the game has officially shown war is imminent, bring out your bluffs and threats. If they start PP raiding, threaten them if they do it again, they will be attacked. As said, if you care for money carefully, you will have Nukes right away. Unlike most players that want everything NOW. My strategy takes patience.

Ending Edit

Now that the game is almost over, you basically just have to sit tight, keep nuking. You will win if nobody dares attack you because of your dank base. I hope this helped. ThraxPain here. Signing off.

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