Research Center
Research Center
Cost $540
Purpose Creation of Gunships and RPG Soldiers.
Income N/A
Hitpoints 650
Damage N/A
Reload Unknown

Overview Edit

A very costly and fragile production building, armed with a barely-functioning turret and the option to produce very powerful units.

Usage Edit

The Research Center's main use is creating RPG Soldiers, and Gunships. (Mortars and Cargo Planes used to be trainable, but alas, Berezaa removed them from the game.) The Research Center also has a turret for defense, but be warned that the turret is not very powerful and the center is very fragile, so it should be defended with other units/buildings regardless.

Trivia Edit

In the original Conquerors, the research center was made to upgrade existing units. However, it was never added, mainly because it was unfinished.