the first steps

first thing you need to do is make sure your base is far from the shore(I will explain later) If your base is near the shore be very careful. The reason is because of battleships. Battleships have very good range which means it's good for killing other peoples bases but not good for your base if your attacked. The next step is to ally with any other people on your island, if you do not ally with the other person you MUST kill them first. If no one is on your island, don't mind this step

early game

whatever you do please BUILD POWER PLANTS first. if you do not you will not have money to build docks or units. Do that on all power crystals on your island. Then only build docks. After that you can make oil ships(if the naval map does not have oil spots skip this step). now check your neighboring people, see what are they doing. If you see somebody close to you that has a dock make it you first priority to take it out or else they will target you and also build transport ships and load a soldier to build power plants at other islands. you can also use it if your ally shares buildings to load stuff onto there.

Mid game

Now is time to take the offensive stance. You should be able to build some battleships. When they are built go and attack the nearby bases. continue until everyone is dead. If someone built a base inland wait until late game to attack it. show where is your area by posting guards around the border. Lastly build power plants.

Late game

by now only one or two bases should remain,because they are probably inland. then it's time to build the airport. Use heavy planes to attack. If the enemy bases are high up use space link to build motherships even though there are no fatherships. then worst case scenario is to build a tank factory and use exploding tank. Do not use nukes as they only cause damage no actual destroying, plu they are expensive and take very long to build.

I hope you won using this wiki

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