Overview Edit

Explosive Tanks
Explosive Tank
Cost $70
Type Tanks
Built In Tank Factory
Hitpoints 200
Speed Unknown
Range Unknown
Damage 150 (Close Range)
Reload N/A

"Weaponless tank that self-destructs upon reaching 25% health, dealing damage to all nearby units and buildings, friendly or enemy (Does not damage ally units.) This unit is built in the tank factory and can sometimes be killed before it detonates."
The explosive tank is extremely effective at destroying units and buildings very close together, which makes it the perfect weapon for dealing mass damage to a player's base. The explosive tank is also $70 which is less than a heavy tank so it can be a very viable option to players.

Usage Edit

Used to weaken enemy bases and pave the way for future troops. Also used to destroy mass builds of Soldiers or Tanks.

Tips Edit

Escort the explosive tank with two or three light soldiers, so they can tank the damage.

Keep an eye out for explosive tanks that your enemy is using - send hit squads ASAP.

Explosive tanks can damage your own buildings and units, but will not damage your ally's. Use that to your advantage.

You can sell your Explosive tanks to automatically make them explode, and to save some money.

Trivia Edit

The Explosive Tank was in the original Conquerors, but it was removed due to bugs.

Selling the tank makes the tank self-destruct, useful if the enemy turns their attack stance to peaceful.