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Just the edit log, used to keep track of the many edits that occur in the early stages of the wiki. These statements are just overviews of what was done in a session, if you want a detailed version of each edit than please visit the pages individually and click on the history tab in the drop down menu. I like pancakes.

December 1

Dizzybad. Added many pages.

April 27th 2015 Edit

Windfarmer ~ Edited the RPG soldier's profile.

April 4th 2015 Edit

SparkMe1337- Added Many pages, added pictures, added information to pages

ShiftingBlade II - Added a line

Johny220- Editing infoboxes lol

ShiftingBlade II - Added a little bit to the How to play section

Super123186- Added to the official wikia description

njesk12- Added images, made a page and edited pages

Swiftblade12345- Editing Pages added 1 new page, added some pictures

April 5th 2015 Edit

Swiftblade12345- Putting basic information on pages, give somewhere to start :)

SparkMe1337- Editing various pages and added a forum piece

ShiftingBlade II- Added a sentence to the homepage and added a section called "areas"

ShiftingBlade II - Added Production-Defensive Section

April 6th 2015 Edit

Swiftblade12345- Today I have edited some pages :D AND NO! HOUSES DO NOT INCREASE NAVY!!! ;_;

ShiftingBlade II- Made 1 new page

SparkMe1337- Made a new strategy guide page

Nem - Made a tips and tricks guide, did quite a few edits..

April 7th 2015 Edit

Aurified- Added widgets and templates.

Nem - Was up at 1 a.m fixing my guide, did moar edits.

(Want help on the Wiki? I'll improve it! Check out my Wiki's!  )

April 8th 2015 Edit