Aircraft Carrier
Cost $450
Type Naval Ship
Built In Docks
Hitpoints 400
Speed Unknown
Range Unknown
Damage N/A
Reload N/A

Overview Edit

"A large ship with lots of health but it does not attack. Used to deploy Sea Planes." -Ingame Description

The Aircraft Carrier is a naval unit used to create Sea Planes. It's a quite costly unit and can be used very strategically. Despite it's health, it's not recommended to have it alone.

Usage Edit

Created in the docks, Aircraft Carriers can produce cheap Sea Planes, which are easy to replace and can provide a "speed bump" to enemy forces while attacking.

Tips Edit

If you keep it away from enemy bases you can make a cheap, rapidly replenishable air force to raid your opponents.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros - Edit

  • Can be used to create Sea Planes
  • High health
  • Mobile Production unit

Cons - Edit

  • Undefendable on its own
  • Slow
  • No other use but unit production

Trivia Edit

  • Unit officially made in TCMKII and was not in the classic made by HatHelper
  • Has an appearance on the TCMKII picture with a small turret. If produced now, chances are there will not be a turret